"I Am Empowered" Award
Patricia Perkins-Auguste
The Honorable Patricia Perkins-Auguste is a career public servant who embodies the principles of biblical teachings and practical delivery of professional public services to her community, constituents and business interests in and around the city of Elizabeth, county of Union and the state of New Jersey. Currently serving in her 7th consecutive term as an at large council representative and the only female member of the nine member legislative governing body in Elizabeth, Councilwoman Perkins-Auguste brings to the local governmental process her twenty-five years of solid experience in community building, leadership, organizational structure, professional, governmental and grassroots knowledge and solutions for individuals, families, corporate and the non-profit sectors through-out the community.  Patricia Perkins-Auguste, has dedicated herself to serving the public, based on scripture which can be found in Romans 12:1-2 which states “to present oneself as a living sacrifice… which is your reasonable service…” Ms. Perkins-Auguste, a lifelong resident of Elizabeth is considered the “Dean” of the council and currently, is the longest consecutive serving councilmember. A determined advocate for women, children and family development, Councilwoman Perkins-Auguste is a compassionate and visionary leader with a track record for removing barriers to opportunities and creating new models for building successful neighborhoods and business communities that enhance the quality of life for residents, private and, non-profits entities throughout the City of Elizabeth. Her signature annual week long Women’s Empowerment Workshops has aided hundreds of women by lifting their self-worth and self-esteem, encouraging women back into the workforce and or propelling women to become first time entrepreneurs and or develop organizations to aid the community.
Councilwoman Perkins-Auguste continues to be instrumental in developing sustainable neighborhoods through innovative partnerships, and is dedicated to serving local non-profit organizations. She is a member of the State Democratic Committee, and currently sits on the Board of United Way of Greater Union County; a former NAACP Branch President and a founding member of the National Council of Negro Women: Greater Elizabeth Area Section; a former member of the National League of Cities Public Safety and Crime Prevention a former Platform Committee member for the 1996 Democratic National Convention; and served as a Democratic Delegate for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, for President Barak Obama’s re-election of his second term.
Currently, Councilwoman, Perkins-Auguste continues to develop programs to assist local residents with initiatives centered on continued workforce development, second chance initiatives for residents seeking a fresh start and employment after incarceration and providing a pathway out of poverty for the youth and young adults by providing access to educational and employment opportunities. Supporting programs and services to families living with loved ones on the autism spectrum and preventing homelessness are some of the issues the Councilwoman continues to develop for residents to create self-sufficiency and a higher standard of living for individuals and families across the city of Elizabeth.
The Councilwoman is grateful for the ability to empower women through her own personal life experiences and is extremely humbled for today’s recognition. A recipient of numerous awards and citations, Patricia attributes and acknowledges her successes to the importance of her belief in God, family and community. Pat is blessed with two sons Klervo 3rd and Tyrel Patrick. Under the spiritual church leadership of the Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr., Patricia, devotes herself to ministries that aid in her relationship with God, her fellowship with people and the nurturing of her spirit, soul and intellect.